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Biggest Industries Ripe for Disruption

Biggest Industries Ripe for Disruption The strategies have changed â€" competition has become more fierce and competitors are bringing their A game to the table. It is time to shake things up and disrupt the industry to become the leader in it. © | LightspringIn this article, you will learn about 1) the basics on disruption, 2) how to recognize whether an industry is ripe for disruption, 3) 15 ways to disrupt an industry, and 4) what industries look like they are ripe for disruption.INTRODUCTION TO DISRUPTIONDisruption is the process of breaking down the status quo; it is about changing the rules of the game and completely deviating from the way things are normally done. Disruption allows the company applying it, to take charge of the industry through radical changes.This change can be brought in the business strategy, through technology or through the introduction of a radical new product/service, thus allowing the introducer or the change initiator to become the market leader.When you are operating in an industry that has become stagnant, you feel like there is no way forward, and you cannot capture more market even if you become more efficient at how you are doing things, then it is time to play the dis ruption card. You can crush your competitors by introducing a new product/service, for example, creating a new niche in the existing industry, allowing you to leap ahead of the competition. You can implement a new technology that allows you to cut down costs by a huge margin, expanding your profit margin and allowing you to grow quickly to reap the benefits of large-scale production.Either way, disruption can help you destroy the old and bring a refreshing change that helps you take the lead, making your competitors sweat!These slides will show you some bigger trends driving disruption in many industries.[slideshare id=46950559doc=nodslideshare-150413144357-conversion-gate01w=640h=330]HOW TO RECOGNIZE WHETHER INDUSTRY IS RIPE FOR DISRUPTION?If you are a small start-up, the best way to increase your chances of success are to enter an industry, which is ripe for disruption. Entering such an industry with a new strategy or a new offering for customers is a good way for getting noticed by them. In a stagnant industry, bringing in a change would be refreshing for the customers and they would be more than willing to accept you and do business with you.1. Examine the MarketLook closely, closer than before. You will not always find an obvious problem in an industry that points it out to be the one ready for disruption. In order to identify this, you have to look closer to identify problems that are smaller but critical. These problems are more subtle in nature and have been gone unnoticed because customers and companies both have accepted these problems as a norm.Companies are not pushed to solve these problems; they have become complacent due to past successes. Since they are already successful in their operations, they feel that there is no need to change. Such an industry would qualify as a good target for disruption.Moreover, by doing what they have always been doing, the companies reach a point where they begin to lose their connection with the customers. Assumin g that the customers are also happy with how things are, they stop listening to them. Complacent companies in this way fall victim to a critical behavioral problem â€" they begin losing touch with their customers. In reality though, the customers do desire a change and it is you who needs to make use of this opportunity.By looking closely, you can identify whether the existing companies in an industry have become complacent and have lost touch with their customers. If you recognize the unresolved issues of such an industry and resolve them, you would delight the customers, break the status quo, and leave the competitors behind. If the industry leaders have become a little too overconfident with their position and are not taking new entrants seriously, it may just be the industry for you to disrupt and enter. Since industry leaders will not be worried about you, a new entrant, they may not make an effort to ruin your start-up, giving you a perfect opportunity to plant your foundation s and strengthen your start-up. Before they know it, it will be too late for them and you would have captured a big chunk of their market.Another way to recognize whether an industry is ripe for disruption upon examination is if the companies are following an obsolete business model. Due to the rapid change in technology, a business model can become obsolete quicker than before. This opens up an opportunity for you to enter the industry with a newer, more refined business model and create a storm in the industry.Look through the Eyes of the CustomerThe best way to understand a situation from another person’ point of view is to step in their shoes â€" this is how disruption works too. Look at the industry from the viewpoint of a customer, not the company. This vision will bring a whole new perspective and help you identify opportunities for disruption.Using the existing products and/or services as a customer will let you experience the industry as a user. Use your imagination and o bservation skills to identify issues and/or opportunities for improvement and that will be your basis for disrupting the industry.2. Never Underestimate PayoffsThe thinking that big payoffs require a major investment may hold you back or make you think that a particular industry is not feasible for you to disrupt or that you strategy may not be successful in disrupting. However, that may not be the case. You may be able to earn big by making a minor adjustment in any aspect. Do not think that a small change will bring small payoffs â€" if the small change makes a big impact, your payoffs are going to be huge too.For example, let us say that you want to start a new online food delivery outlet by utilizing a new route that you have identified which will enable you to reach the customers quicker than your competitors. This change does not require a huge investment on your part but if the delivery time really matters to your customers, you can capture a huge market with your strategy an d earn significant payoffs.3. Don’t Take Assumptions for GrantedAs time passes on, there are beliefs and assumptions established in an industry that the current companies do not question. If you want to disrupt the industry, you have to question these assumptions and not accept them â€" that is from where the change will begin.Do not assume that the rules cannot be changed because if that was true, the concept of disruption would not exist. Do not just assume that the customers will not like the change you are about to introduce.4. Trim the FatAs industries get old, they accumulate a lot of fluff. This fluff comprises of elements or add-ons to products and services that the customers no longer value, but are charged for. For example, fancy office décor adds to the company’s cost of production, which is translated in the price of products/services they offer. However, the office décor may not really be of importance to the customers. By changing this aspect, you may be able to disrupt an industry, cut your costs and takeover the competition by offering customers what they actually value and thus are willing to pay for readily!5. A Real Life Example of Formula OneAlmost everyone knows what Formula One is all about, even those who may not watch it regularly. Formula One shows the above-mentioned signs of being an industry that may be ripe for disruption.Take for example the continued success of Formula One over the history. This success has made Formula One complacent, as it continues to have car manufacturers spending big bucks developing Formula One cars. A good number of F1 teams have made good money from the success of Formula One and so have the people in the management.However, when you look deeper inside, do you realize that there is a big decline in the number of people who watch Formula One live? This is because Formula One has lost touch with its customers â€" the fans of Formula One. They have been so focused on managing media deals since TV view ing has been bringing in a major chunk of revenues for Formula One, they have ignored the fact that the race stands are almost empty.Recently, Formula E has entered the car racing industry. Formula One is not paying them much attention, disregarding them as a competitor. Lastly, if you look at the business model of Formula One, it is based on getting TV deals. But can it rely on it in the coming future considering that the media will become increasingly fragmented in the future? Also, bear in mind that in future, marketing will become highly personalized and customized â€" something, which is opposite to F1’s current strategy.HOW TO DISRUPT AN INDUSTRY: 15 WAYS FOR A POWERFUL SHAKEUPAre you tired of the inertia in your industry? Is the inertia in any other industry bothering you to the point where you are ready to shake things up? Disruption is one of the wisest ways to launch your own start-up and ensure its chances of success. Here are 15 ways to disrupt an industry:#1 Make Shor tcutsBy reducing the channel between product/service production and delivery to customer, you can make it easier for customers to access the product or service. This is called making shortcuts. It allows you to make it convenient for the customers to utilize the product/service.#2 Challenge the Existing BoundariesWho is to say that the current way of service/product delivery cannot be changed? Challenge the limitations and find out a radical way to go around the roadblocks to bring a change in the industry. For example, Uber Taxi is available through a mobile application. Users simply use the app to request for a taxi, which reaches them within minutes. Before their launch, did we think it was possible?#3 Dramatically Reduce ComplexityEver found yourself wanting to place an order online but it takes you weeks to finally place that order? Is it because the website is overly complicated and you are always procrastinating to place the order because of it? How would you feel if a much l esser complicated website was launched? Of course, you would love it! So you can disrupt an industry by making the product/service less complicated.#4 Removal of an Important Element of the Product/ServiceRedesigning an existing product/service in a way that you take away a seemingly important element is a great way for catching the attention of customers. You must however, provide an alternative to the element so that the product/service’s workability does not get affected.#5 Be Brave Enough to go DigitalIf not for Kindle, could you have imagined an alternative way for reading books? If not for eBay, would you have thought of a different way to auction things off without having a yard sale? It is the era of technology. If an industry has still not gone online, you can be the one to disrupt it by taking it online!#6 Slash Down Prices or Introduce the Freemium ConceptMaking international calls once was an expensive affair â€" until Skype was launched and it became much easier and a ffordable for everyone to stay in touch with their close-ones abroad. So is there a way you can disrupt the industry by cutting down the prices significantly or even offering customers a product/service for free?#7 Learn from Other Innovative IndustriesGet inspired from other industries and learn which of their elements you can incorporate in your industry, the industry you want to disrupt. For example, you can analyze the TV industry to see how they bring innovation in their screens. You can use this analysis to redesign the screens of mobiles.#8 Develop a Closed EcosystemCreate a new closed ecosystem within the industry through a radical change, thus winning customer loyalty for your business. Consider Google; they have a very strong following and users of Google rarely rely on or use any other search engine. You can create this closed ecosystem with suppliers or vendors as well, getting good bargains and in return supplying the same product/service at significantly lower costs th an your competitor.#9 Seek Out New Target GroupsFast food was enjoyed by adults until McDonalds introduced the Happy Meal and KFC Chicky Meal. There are similar companies who have tweaked the traditional offering and targeted a new segment of customers, thus disrupting the industry.#10 Do the OppositeWhen the cell phone industry started producing smaller cellphones, Samsung with its Note Phone came up with a design with a bigger screen. iPhone’s newer versions including the iPhone 6 also has a bigger screen as compared to the iPhone 4. Doing the opposite of the trend is a great way to disrupt an industry.#11 Combining Different Types of InnovationsThere are different types of innovations including technological, service, product and business model innovation. You can combine a mix of these innovations and disrupt an industry on multiple fronts.#12 Do the ImpossibleDid you ever think it was possible to build a rotating hotel or a bridge underwater? Well both of them now exist in th is world. Remember nothing is impossible and doing something, which was thought to be impossible, will definitely disrupt an industry.#13 Look for New Business ModelsPut your thinking cap on and come up with a new business model to implement in the industry. A new business model can change the processes involved and lead to decreased cost of production and/or increased quality of output and/or ease of delivery, amongst numerous other things.#14 DowngradeIn an attempt to renovate, change and re-invent, sometimes the basics of a product/service are covered up, so much that the essence of the product/service gets lost. For example, in an attempt of creating a complete experience at salons and beauty parlors, so much stress is laid on creating the perfect environment that the quality of haircut may get compromised. Rather than enhancing the ambiance, how about you focus on giving a top quality haircut instead?#15 Sharing is the New BuyingYou can collaborate with a company in the same in dustry or a company in another industry to come up with something new that can disrupt an industry. For example, you may collaborate or share resources with a web development company to come up with a business of providing baby sitters and child minders online.THE COMPANIES THAT ARE NOT DUE FOR A SHAKEUP ANYTIME SOONThere are some companies that keep things in their industries on a roll, thus reducing the chances of having someone disrupt the industry. Here are examples of such companies:Apple: Keeps reinventing its products using technology innovation, product redesign, etc. It keeps its customers on the toes, waiting anxiously for a newer model. They look forward to new model launches and continue discussing the updates for months!Netflix: Netflix is the perfect example of a service concept, which allows the company to stay in-tune with its customers, always! It is TV on demand and it always provides what its customers request! Also, Netflix is TV on demand conveniently! It offers its customers to make use of their internet connection to watch whatever they want.Uber: Uber taxi is providing customers with convenient transportation through the use of technology. It is dependent on a modern business model and uses technology that the customers are comfortable using, that is, their cellphones!TransferWise: TransferWise is a company that has come up with a concept of providing customers with money exchange services at a greater convenience and lesser cost. It has disrupted the traditional banking services industry and has created a strong place for itself. The owner of TransferWise is determined to remain on toes and keep bringing changes in order to continue capturing the market.SO WHO ELSE IS UP FOR DISRUPTIONAirlines have been exploiting customers with low quality services and high fare rates for quite long, not to mention the flight delays and lost baggage. The problem is that airlines have become complacent with their processes and since not everyone owns a private jet, customers will have to keep tolerating mediocre services for high fares, until someone comes and disrupt this industry.Another example of an industry ripe for disruption is the cell phone carrier industry. The cell phone carriers keep enticing customers with low cost, better quality packages but these packages come with a hidden cost. If you calculate, these packages actually make you pay extra for services you never consume. This can be broken by a cell phone carrier that offers low-cost services while providing more value.The credit card processing industry is another one ripe for disruption. This is because credit card companies have the monopoly of charging fees on credit card transactions. They charge the merchants fees for processing credit card transactions, which is why at many shops you do not get either the facility or have to make a minimum purchase of a predetermined amount in order to avail the credit card payment facility.Financial service providing indus try is an industry ripe for disruption and already targeted by Fintech companies. This is because most of the customers availing the services of this industry lack the technical knowledge, thus allowing brokers, banks, financial consultants, and investment advisors to charge exorbitantly for their services.Other industries that are ripe for disruption include the wine, cyber security, education, and the Government Politics industry.CONCLUSIONThis is an era where complacency can get you in to trouble. Even if you are a leader in your industry, your leadership is not guaranteed since there are hungry competitors and new entrants eyeing the industry. Any weakness can become an opportunity for them to disrupt the industry and shake things up.Only those companies that keep innovating and re-inventing themselves, stay in-tune with the customers’ requirements and keep offering them something of value at lower costs, are in a position to remain safe from being disrupted!

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Climate Change And Its Effects - 861 Words

Though the center of much debate, one undeniable fact is that climate change is occurring and affects every part of planet Earth. Some effects are actually positive, such as higher rates of photosynthesis in trees due to absorption of more abundant CO2 and warmer temperatures. However, most of the negative effects of climate change outweigh or counteract positive growth. Negative effects of climate change are affecting the land, water, plants, and animal life on planet Earth. Climate change has provided both gifts and curses for Earth’s forests. One of the most prevalent issues associated with climate change affecting forests are forest fires. Both the frequency and range of forest fires has increased in recent decades. In fact, information published by the EPA reports that, â€Å"burned area more than doubled between the 1960s/70s and the 1980s/90s.† (Backlund, p. 81) Extreme weather events, such as lightning storms, are increasing in number, causing the initiation of more fires, while higher temperatures and longer warm seasons are prolonging and promoting the wildfires. Another important effect of climate change is the temperature increases, which affect surface water. When the temperature of surface water sources such as streams, rivers, and lakes increases, fish and other organisms, which live in the water, are negatively affected. According to the EPA article, â€Å"Water Impacts of Climate Change,† fish species are negatively affected by rising water temperatures because,Show MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Climate Change On The Climate1091 Words   |  5 PagesClimate change means the fluctuation changes of the climate in a period of time, this period of time could means several decades or centenaries, the fluctuation could be regional or global. At present, what we talked most is the effect of the environment policy on the climate, in another words is the effect of human factor on the climate, especially the questions about the global warming, and climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world, it’s extremely urgent, people wonder thatRead MoreClimate Change And Its Effects1095 Words   |  5 Pageson it for reasons ranging from denial to discomfort, has evolved from those unpleasant debates to today’s friendly conversations. The topic is climate change, and the controversy surrounding it has been rooted in disagreement on what exactly causes it. Some say that climate change is a hoax and the changes are part of a natural cycle of the Earth’s climate system. Others are positive that it is the direct result of human activities and without immediate action, the planet will become inhospitableRead MoreClimate Change And Its Effects1533 Words   |  7 PagesClimate change is a concerning problem that is happening to our planet right now, due to human activity. We are damaging our planet through the burning of fossil fuels which are causing greenhouse gases. We use these fossi l fuels every day in cars, planes and many other activities and the effects of this is the warming of the Earth’s surface and oceans – the surface temperature has increased 0.8 °C over the last hundred years. [1] Oceans range over 70% of Earth’s surface and have many important rolesRead MoreThe Effect On Climate Change1577 Words   |  7 Pagesauthority over addressing greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining presence in the international community. Such emissions make up a substantial portion of impact on climate change; therefore, the UNFCCC targets areas that produce the most emissions. The ways in which the UNFCCC minimally, but not adequately, regulates climate change is through two agreements. The two treaties are the Kyoto Protocol the Paris Agreement (COP 21). In 2016, the Kyoto Protocol expires which the Paris Agreement replacesRead MoreClimate Warming And Its Effects On Climate Change Essay1713 Words   |  7 Pagesdue to emittance of anthropoge nic carbon emissions. Scientists are uncertain of how much warming humanity can tolerate before experiencing the most destructive and dangerous effects of climate change, but most believe that two degrees Celsius is a good starting point to aim for. Thus, the stated goal of many international climate dialogs, such as the Paris Agreements, has been to stop the planet from warming an additional two degrees Celsius in order to mobilize the action need to get the whole worldRead MoreCause And Effect Of Climate Change Essay1220 Words   |  5 PagesCause and effects of Climate Change. General purpose: to inform. Specific purpose: After hearing my speech my audience will know what climate change is, what causes it and its effects now and in the future. Thesis Statement: Climate change is a very important issue that affects all of us. Organization pattern: Cause and effect. Introduction: I. (Attention-getter): How do you explain that 30 years ago we had a different weather than today? When you look at yourself in a dirty mirror; can you seeRead MoreCauses And Effects Of Climate Change1706 Words   |  7 PagesDiscuss the causes and effects of climate change. Present any solutions that are relevant to these issues. Probably the most anxious threat to our earth in these two decades is climate change. Climate change refers to any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time. In other saying, climate change includes major changes in temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns, among other effects, that occur over several decades or longer (, 2015). The rateRead MoreThe Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth1358 Words   |  6 PagesEurope. Climate change is classed as any alteration in global weather patterns over a period of time. However the climate change the earth is currently experiencing is far from anything ever experienced before and its 99% certain that it has been caused by human industrialisation. Like anything that affects the earth on a global scale it affects everything including microorganisms and therefore disease. Climate change is causing disease to spread and increase in severity. The main adverse effects causingRead MoreClimate C hange : The Greenhouse Effect1199 Words   |  5 PagesSince the beginning of the Earth’s existence, climate change has occurred. Temperatures, sea levels, quantities of gases in the atmosphere, and levels of precipitation have risen and fallen over a span of billions of years. However, over the last two centuries, climate change has been far too drastic to be caused by natural forces alone. Globally, the alterations in temperatures, sea levels, precipitation, melting of ice caps and glaciers, and violence of natural disasters are clearly caused by anotherRead MoreThe Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment1445 Words   |  6 Pagescooler climates all are impacts of increasing temperatures that are happening right now. Within the next century, sea levels will rise 7 - 23 inches, Storms will become much stronger, floods/droughts will become more common, and many, many other negative environmental changes (Cook). These changes in the environment have been the topic of de bate for decades, but has become more and more common over the past few years. On one side of the debate, there are the people who believe climate change

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Thomas Green, Senior Market Specialist At Dynamic Displays

Protagonist: Thomas Green, Senior Market Specialist at Dynamic Displays Main Issue: As I understand it, the main problem in this case is there has been a serious lack of communication between Thomas Green and Frank Davis. Thomas has received many poor performance reviews and it has been brought up with the Vice President of Travel Shannon McDonald. Sub-elements of the Main Issue: An additional issue that will have to be resolved is whether or not Thomas is willing to take his employee feed back or eventually find himself terminated. . I looked at this situation using in and out groups, the skills approach as well as the behavior approach. I selected this approach because many of these approaches and skills will help to develop a†¦show more content†¦Thomas got hired on in the position with over six years of account executive experience. He did not have the experience for the role that he was applying for, but was extremely persistent in order to do what he could to get the job. He started off in the in-group by doing whatever he could to meet with Shannon which eventually allowed him to receive the offer of a senior market specialist. He also began to develop good rapport with Frank and listened closely to the full description of responsibilities he was required to fulfill. Not too long after he started his role, Thomas began to slack a bit and it eventually upset Frank. Frank was mostly upset when Thomas called him out about not being able to reach certain sales forecasts for the coming year that he had proposed. It did not take long for both of them to begin banging heads with one another. Frank began to be come even more upset with Thomas after he would not tell him his location, goals or supply him with up to date information. After hearing the criticism from Frank Thomas began to continue do his own thing and became even more frustrated. Thomas spent a majority of his time complaining, instead performing his daily work activities. Thomas was more worried about the minor little details than focusing his time on the big picture. Thomas put himself in an out group when he would have been able to benefit the company in a much greater fashion by beingShow MoreRelatedThomas Green : Power, Office Politics And A Career Growth At The Corporate Headquarters Of Dynamic Displays1587 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness School Brief Case â€Å"Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis,† recently promoted Senior Market Specialist Thomas Green sought to achieve great career growth at the corporate headquarters of Dynamic Displays. Unfortunately, Green’s personality and work style were too dissimilar from manager Frank Davis’ expectations. As a result, Green is left with a career crisis where his ambitious career growth with Dynamic Displays may be stunted. For Thomas Green, a shift in his work styleRead MoreThomas Green Essay1336 Words   |  6 PagesThomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis Individual Case Analysis Kay Saeteurn BUSA 305-01 Dr. Catherine Pratt November 17, 2008 Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis Individual Case Analysis Power is the capability that A has to influence the behavior of B so that B acts in accordance with A’s wishes,[1] especially dependency power where a certain individual has something of importance, scarcity, and non substitutable, that another person seeksRead MoreCase Study Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis†907 Words   |  4 PagesProblem: In the case of â€Å"Thomas Green: power, office politics, and a career in Crisis†, it describes the dilemma of Thomas Green who works in a company called Dynamic Display. Thomas was recruited as an account executive, and then five months later, he was promoted as a Senior Market Specialist directly by the President Shannon McDonald. Thomas’s boss Frank Davis hadn’t expected to choose Green as the new senior market specialist, and he was very dissatisfied with Green’s work style and performanceRead MoreEssay about Thomas Green Case1081 Words   |  5 PagesDr. Premeaux Case Analysis Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis 1) What are the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis? Thomas Green and Frank Davis use different working styles, and their personalities are also very different. When dealing with clients, Frank uses memos, proposals and also uses data to back up his proposals and give the client a better idea on what they are investing in. Thomas is more of a face to face to guy. He deliversRead MoreThomas Greene Paper1050 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: THOMAS GREEN PAPER Thomas Green Paper Cotina Taylor Grand Canyon University-LDR 610 August 15, 2012 Thomas Green Paper A person’s success in the organization not only depends on his or her personality but it is also based on how well he or she resolves conflicts. To successfully manage interpersonal relationships in the corporate world the power and influential structures have to be understood within the organization. Developing effective work relationships can cause satisfactionRead Morethomas green Essay1050 Words   |  5 Pagesaccount executive, Thomas Green was directly promoted as the Senior  Market Specialist by the vice president of the company, Shannon McDonald, because of immense potential exhibited by him. However, Frank Davis, Green’s boss, did not intend to choose Green as the new senior market specialist. Green and Davis disagreed on work styles and market projections. Green believed that the sales goals set by Davis are based on creative accounting and he grossly overstated the existing market environment. A moodRead MoreAnalysis Of Thomas Green s A On The Company s H ierarchy And Neglected Opportunities That Could Have Emerged From Informal1276 Words   |  6 PagesQUESTION # 2 DREXEL ID # 13892116 Q.2 A. Thomas Green has portrayed a formalist structure in which he has focused too much on the company’s hierarchy and neglected opportunities that could have emerged from informal connections. He is also a biased leader, as he sought advice or shared his knowledge with other managers and his contacts from his previous job, which reinforced his biases instead of giving him a fresh or contradictory perspective. He also shows signs ofRead MoreThomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis4007 Words   |  17 PagesHBS Case Analysis Paper Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis A person’s success in an organization not only depends on his or her personality and ability, but also how he or she manages office politics and resolves conflicts. In order to successfully manage interpersonal relations within a corporate environment, one also needs to understand the power and influence structures in one’s organization. Failure to develop effective work relationships can cause job dissatisfactionRead MoreThomas Green Case Analysis2249 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿Thomas Green Case Analysis Executive Summary The primary problem in this case deals with a source of tension between two employees that have recently received promotions. There are various individual factors that may be a source of conflict that the case points to; however both parties need to look beyond their own personal perspectives in order to move towards the organizational goals. In the case of Thomas Green, he certainly has a lot of maturing to do before he is able to perform wellRead MoreThomas Green : Power, Office Politics, And A Career Essay978 Words   |  4 Pagesworkplace is as smooth as possible. In the Harvard Business School case â€Å"Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis,† Thomas Green, recently promoted Senior Market Specialist at Dynamic Displays faces a challenge when he and his direct manager, Marketing Director, Frank Davis, clash in their working styles. As a result of Davis’ loss of credibility and the clash of priorities between the two men, Green’s place at Dynamic along with his job security become tenuous. The first problem

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Managing Profitable Customer Relationships Free Essays

Hardly Davidson has massive engines for motorbikes and has been known to have a friendly relationship with its customers. The company sponsors different motorbike events during which they are able to display modern bikes and their accessories. The brand name has a great reputation and has brought together riders and have welfare benefits for its members. We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Profitable Customer Relationships or any similar topic only for you Order Now The company has enhanced their rapport through regular communication through the internet. The riders have formed an international network attachment as well as local dealership to enhance their services. The company motivates its customers or riders by giving them pinstops which identify them with the company and so doing create pride of membership. Performance related programs on mileage for those enrolled leads to an advantage in terms of priority in accessing the best accessories for one’s bike. Harley company has been accepted in different countries and its members can rent and ride in countries such as Canada, Australia and the United States. The company has built a good reputation and has a great bond with its numerous customer needs. 1.   What are the key elements of Harley-Davidson’s efforts to build relationship with its customers? The key elements in Harley-Davidson are the involvement of customers in not being just customers but also being dealers. There is customer participation in events sponsored by the company. Membership creates a sense of belonging and enhances the attachment to the company while good communication through the internet connects the company to its customers. Presence of welfare schemes such as sponsorship to events and insurance services motivates the customers. 2.   Can you think of other companies that create such strong relationships with their customers? How do they do that? NASCAR which is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing has created a lasting customer relationship through a careful blend of live racing events, compelling web sites with information and entertainment, ensures ample security and organizes parties, cook outs and camps with family members. This creates a friendly environment that enriches the company-to-customer relationship. The Unilever company has created a good relationship through high standards of corporate behavior towards the employees, customers and the society. It is involved in community development activities and this extension of their services to the society attracts more customers. The company has also offered voluntary counseling and testing programs in support of the community. It has also set goals to evaluates the HIV/AIDS roadmap with strategic approaches to reaching out to its customers. A follow up plan for comprehensive care and treatment is organized so that customers are convinced that the company’s objective is to render them the service and the good gesture goes along way in maintaining a good relationship. Offering of medicines at subsidized rates has led to the growth of the company and the humanitarian activities have extended to the provision of health insurance covers. 3.   How else can Harley-Davidson build or deepen its relationships with its customers? Harley Davidson can deepen its relationship by offering medical checkups for the riders before and after an event, a welfare scheme for the member’s next of kin to participate   for future customers as well as training facilities for those aspiring to be good riders. Recommendation To enhance profitable customer relationships, it is important that there is customer involvement and participation in the activities of the company. A good rapport is enhanced through welfare schemes for members to cater for important services such as medical and insurance covers. Good communication between the two parties gives feedbacks and this helps the company in providing the best quality of service. Reference: Paul G.R. Up Close and Personal?: Customer relationship. Don Peppers, Martha Rogers. Managing Customer Relationship. Stanley A.B Customer Relationship Management    How to cite Managing Profitable Customer Relationships, Essay examples

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Profile Of Senator Richard Lugar Essays - , Term Papers

Profile of Senator Richard Lugar The following report will attempt to provide a brief, yet concise policy profile of Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar. Beginning with a short biographical review, the profile will proceed and concentrate on Senator Lugar's major areas of public policy concern; Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, and in part, his 1996 Presidential Campaign which encompasses a myriad of issues, both foreign and domestic. It would be impossible to include every aspect of Senator Lugar's political career and personal life within the scope of this paper. Instead, emphasis will be placed on the most important and critical points of his tenure in American politics, at the federal level. However, in the conclusion of this text a rational explanation will be offered to give insight concerning Senator Lugar's motivations and tendencies to act in the way he does. Biographical Background Richard Green Lugar was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 4, 1932. Attending Shortridge High School he excelled academi cally and was the class Valedictorian. After graduation, Dick Lugar (as he is commonly known) attended Denison University, in Ohio, and met his future wife Charlene Smeltzer. In 1954 Lugar received his degree from Denison and went on to be a Rhodes Scholar at Pembroke College on the campus of Oxford University, in England. Richard and Charlene were married in September, 1956, and now have four sons and six grandchildren. After completing studies at Oxford, Dick Lugar went to the American Embassy in London, England and promptly enlisted in the Navy as an intelligence briefer and was responsible for giving intelligence reports to 'high brass', including the President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Along with Senator Lugar's political achievements, he has occupied positions in the private sector, as well as a stint in the United States Navy. As a young man Richard Lugar worked at, and managed the family businesses, a farm, and a food machinery firm started by his Grandfath er over 100 years ago, Thomas L. Green Both are located in the Indianapolis area. In 1964, Lugar obtained his first political office with the Indianapolis School Board. He then went on to win the Mayoral bid in 1968, and served two terms at the head of city government in Indianapolis. Senator Lugar's next stepping stone in politics would be a failed attempt for the office of United States Senator in 1974, losing to incumbent Birch Bayh, father of the current Indiana Governor, Evan Bayh. Suprisingly, Lugar lost the election by only 75,000 votes, quite an accomplishment considering the incumbency factor. Lugar ran for the Senate again in 1976 and captured the seat from Democratic incumbent Vance Hartke. Senator Lugar has since been reelected two times (in 1988, he won by an overwhelming 68% percent of the total vote) and is currently in the midst of a campaign for President of the United States where he faces eight other challengers for the Republican nomination. Other achievements by Lugar that are worth mentioning are: His selection to the vice-presidency of the National League of Cities in 1970. He was appointed chairman, of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee for the 98th Congress. Served as chairman for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations from 1985 to 1987. He is currently the chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Senator Lugar also serves on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, and Foreign Affairs sub-committees; Western Hemisphere and Peace Corps Affairs, International Economic Policy, East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Trade, Oceans and Environment. (101st, 486-489; 102nd,485-488; Directory,1399; Miller, 95') Foreign Affairs Senator Richard Lugar is acknowledged to be one of the pre-eminent national leaders in the realm of foreign policy. Some have even claimed that he is in reality a "shadow Secretary of State", being recognized around the globe for his involvement with international politics. Lugar's involvement and membership to key Senate Foreign Affairs sub-committees, and being the chair of the full committee for one session of Congress shows his willingness and diligence to be involved in this policy area. Note, however, Senator Lugar was forced out of the chairmanship and did not voluntarily leave. (101st Congress, 486) Lugar has four principle premises for good foreign policy. They are as follows: * "

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Becket Becket Essay Have you ever heard the phrase opposites attract? Have you ever experienced it for yourself? In the case of Thomas Becket and King Henry II, this phrase was a very accurate reality. King Henry was very spontaneous and irrational in his decisions for the well being of England. He relied significantly upon Thomas Becket for knowledge and guidance in situations of both importance and irrelevancy for the welfare of his country. Becket, on the other hand, did not give the impression of reliance upon Henry at all. Since their first encounter, Henry had been mystified by Becket's outlook on life and his passiveness and assurance. Although their characters give the impression to be in no way similar, their reliance upon one another is very powerful and yet extremely surprising. Becket becomes resilient to Henry's irrationalities and eccentric attitude in situations and looks past his weaknesses to show him his strengths and possibilities of being useful in life.Altar marking the spot of Thomas Becket's martyrdo...King Henry II is a very influential and imposing man. He has an extremely short temper and has absolutely no patience when it comes to ignorance. He exemplifies this with his actions toward his wife and mother after Becket has left. He becomes irate and will not listen to anyone. From when they first met, Henry was incredibly reliant upon Becket and his knowledgeable solutions to his problems and frustrations. Henry easily becomes bored with life and all the people things around him. He is not emotionally content, and Becket helps him to find satisfaction out of his life and role and duty as King England. Becket gives Henry a sense of worth and confidence, and Henry relishes the feeling. Most of Henry's decisions are to make himself feel better and Becket tries to make him realize that he can...

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Human Liver Anatomy and Function

Human Liver Anatomy and Function The liver is an important vital organ that also happens to be the largest internal organ in the body. Weighing between 3 and 3.5 pounds, the liver is located in the upper right area of the abdominal cavity and is responsible for hundreds of different functions. Some of these functions include nutrient metabolism, detoxification of harmful substances, and protecting the body from germs. The liver has a unique ability to regenerate itself. This ability makes it possible for individuals to donate part of their liver for transplantation. Liver Anatomy The liver is a reddish-brown organ that is located below the diaphragm and superior to other abdominal cavity organs such as the stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, and intestines. The most prominent feature of the liver is its larger right lobe and smaller left lobe. These two main lobes are separated by a band of connective tissue. Each liver lobe is internally composed of thousands of smaller units called lobules. Lobules are small liver segments containing arteries, veins, sinusoids, bile ducts, and liver cells. Liver tissue is composed of two main types of cells. Hepatocytes are the most numerous type of liver cells. These epithelial cells are responsible for most of the functions performed by the liver. Kupffer cells are immune cells that are also found in the liver. They are thought to be a type of macrophage that rids the body of pathogens and old red blood cells. The liver also contains numerous bile ducts, which drain bile produced by the liver into larger hepatic ducts. These ducts join to form the common hepatic duct. The cystic duct extending from the gallbladder joins the common hepatic duct to form the common bile duct. Bile from the liver and gallbladder drain into the common bile duct and are delivered to the upper portion of the small intestines (duodenum). Bile is a dark greenish or yellow fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It aids in the digestion of fats and helps eliminate toxic wastes. Liver Function The liver performs a number of vital functions in the body. A major function of the liver is to process substances in the blood. The liver receives blood from organs including the stomach, small intestines, spleen, pancreas, and gallbladder through the hepatic portal vein. The liver then processes, filters, and detoxifies the blood before sending it back to the heart via the inferior vena cava. The liver has a digestive system, immune system, endocrine system, and exocrine functions. A number of important liver functions are listed below. 1) Fat Digestion A key function of the liver is the digestion of fats. Bile produced by the liver breaks down fat in the small intestines so that it can be used for energy. 2) Metabolism The liver metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids in the blood that are initially processed during digestion. Hepatocytes store glucose obtained from the break down of carbohydrates in the foods we eat. Excess glucose is removed from the blood and stored as glycogen in the liver. When glucose is needed, the liver breaks down glycogen into glucose and releases the sugar into the blood. The liver metabolizes amino acids from digested proteins. In the process, toxic ammonia is produced which the liver converts to urea. Urea is transported to the blood and is passed to the kidneys where it is excreted in urine. The liver processes fats to produce other lipids including phospholipids and cholesterol. These substances are necessary for cell membrane production, digestion, bile acid formation, and hormone production. The liver also metabolizes hemoglobin, chemicals, medications, alcohol and other drugs in the blood. 3) Nutrient Storage The liver stores nutrients obtained from the blood for use when needed. Some of these substances include glucose, iron, copper, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K (helps blood to clot), and vitamin B9 (aids in red blood cell synthesis). 4) Synthesis and Secretion The liver synthesizes and secretes plasma proteins that act as clotting factors and help to maintain proper blood fluid balance. The blood protein fibrinogen produced by the liver is converted to fibrin, a sticky fibrous mesh that traps platelets and other blood cells. Another clotting factor produced by the liver, prothrombin, is needed to convert fibrinogen to fibrin. The liver also produces a number of carrier proteins including albumin, which transports substances such as hormones, fatty acids, calcium, bilirubin, and various drugs. Hormones are also synthesized and secreted by the liver when needed. Liver-synthesized hormones include insulin-like growth factor 1, which aids in early growth and development. Thrombopoietin is a hormone that regulates platelet production in bone marrow. 5)Immune Defense The K​upffer cells of the liver filter the blood of pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, and fungi. They also rid the body of old blood cells, dead cells, cancer cells, and cellular refuse. Harmful substances and waste products are secreted by the liver into either the bile or the blood. Substances secreted into bile are eliminated from the body through the digestive tract. Substances secreted into the blood are filtered by the kidneys and excreted in urine.